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Product innovation - part art, part science. When done right, it creates leverage, enabling innovations in small teams to shift entire industries.

My sustainable innovation

It’s really sad to see companies put a lot of money and effort into new products that don’t succeed because they didn’t fully understand what was required and the best way to get it to market. New product development is much more than an engineering effort. Every successful product starts with a clear understanding of what is required and the best way to achieve it.

Spending substantial resources on something that ultimately won't result in success is just plain wasteful and wrong.

And surprisingly perhaps, it’s not about spending more money and time; it’s about spending it right, getting the best possible results, on target, on time, every time.

This is at the core of what I do. I help others achieve better results by making sure they have the facts and a great plan before they start committing time, money and people on a new product development. Sometimes it's about spending just one day clarifying things, sometimes it's a much bigger undertaking.

I call this true sustainable innovation.

Because the cost of a so-so (or bad) product is much higher than that of a great product. For you, for the rest of us, for the world at large. Think about it.

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